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Commercial Contracts and Disputes

New contractOutside of the employment law arena, Mr. Tobin and his staff also enjoy working with businesses of varying sizes and assisting them with their commercial contract needs and disputes. For years Mr. Tobin has assisted businesses in running effectively, both internally and in working with other companies.


Mr. Tobin can help you draft a contract when your company decides to conduct business with a supplier, a corporate customer, or another company or entity. Likewise, Mr. Tobin ensures that all critical terms or issues are addressed and are part of the agreement, in addition to being in compliance with applicable Florida and Federal law.


Mr. Tobin reviews numerous contracts each year when individuals, companies or entities are involved in negotiating contractual terms or seeking the best outcome in a given transaction. Competent and effective representation can make all the difference in the success of your business, livelihood and future endeavors. Contact Mr. Tobin to discuss your business needs or to have him review your contract.


Inevitably in any business commercial disputes arise between other companies, vendors and/or customers. While not all disputes end up in court or arbitration hearings, for many business owners an efficient early resolution is preferred. Competent and experienced counsel increases the odds that such a resolution can be obtained. Likewise, in the event that an early resolution is not attainable, business owners need to arm themselves with counsel that can effectively assist them in navigating their way through the adversarial system in which they find themselves. Mr. Tobin has represented clients in numerous commercial disputes throughout his career and can help you protect yourself and the business that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Contact Bradley Tobin at (813) 452-6199 or email at btobin@tobinlawgroup.com and discuss your business contract issues and disputes with an experienced specialist.